SILDVB COM SA holds the most important certifications in the field, which allows it to develop complex projects.

Our Vision

To find our auto parts in all vehicles

Our Mission

Sustainable development in partnership with car manufacturers.

Quality and environment policy

The quality and environment policy, promoted by SC SILDVB COM SA, is oriented towards meeting all customer requirements and the efficient use of resources, for the benefit of present and future generations, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, constantly considering the needs and the expectations of our customers, employees and fellow citizens.

The primary principle of SC SILDVB COM SA is:

The realization of products and services that satisfy the requirements of customers, legislation and regulations in force in order to obtain and maintain reputation in domestic and foreign markets under conditions of economic efficiency and profit.

The main directions of the quality and environment policy are defined by the General Director in accordance with the goals of SC SILDVB COM SA, as follows:

  • customer satisfaction;
  • environment protection;
  • employee satisfaction.

The continuous improvement of the policy and implicitly of the certified management systems is the main concern of the management of the company. For this, the directions are concretized through short and medium-term objectives. The basic objectives of the quality and environment policy, as reproduced below, have been included in the SC SILDVB COM SA Employee Training Program and are communicated to all departments.

The quality policy in the organization is focused on achieving the objective:
– building business success by satisfying the customer by offering him products that meet his requirements while respecting the established terms of quality, deadlines and costs.

The management of the organization acts permanently for the staff to be aware and responsible for the purpose of preventing and reducing pollution, conserving energy resources and raw materials, ensuring the permanent improvement of our environmental performance. For this, special attention is mainly paid to:
– permanent improvement of waste management by ensuring their selective collection and their temporary storage in specially arranged spaces;

– the involvement and motivation of all staff in assuming a responsible attitude towards the environment;

– protecting the image of the organization by improving the management of its related spaces.

Internally, staff satisfaction plays an important role. For this, the following general objectives were established:
– improving the staff motivation process to achieve the set objectives, to promote quality and achieve continuous improvement;

– increasing the degree of job security;

– improving working conditions.

As Director General of SC SILDVB SA, I undertake to implement this policy, which I will actively and permanently support, through direct involvement and making available all the resources necessary to put it into practice.

The quality and environment policy has been implemented throughout the organization and has been made accessible to all stakeholders inside and outside the organization.